Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LFR Administration Retool Seems Set

A review of the LFR Group on the WotC Community Boards reveals that the new LFR Administration line-up, complete with areas of responsibilities, has been announced. There are a few questions left unanswered by this information, but we can get a very clear picture of how things are shaping up.

There are five (5) story areas receiving most of the focus of LFR in 2011. Here is there description along with the global admin and writing director(s) responsible for them:

The Rise of Elturgard Global Admin: Greg Marks (skerrit on the WotC boards) Writing Directors: Michael Mockus (mmockus) and Pierre van Rooden (gomeztoo).
  • Return to the story begun with the Battle Interactive and Specials of last winter’s DDXP with the Rise of Eltrugard. The ashes of Elturel and the trade of Scornubel will provide your PC with a home base from which to deal with the vast threat of the Plagueland, while trying to rebuild following the events of A Paladin’s Plague.
  • This story area will have eight adventures in 2011 with two released each quarter and will largely focus on heroic tier play.

Sands of Calimshan Global Admin: Joe Fitzgerald (surgebuster) Writing Director: Bruce Paris (bruce_paris).
  • The sands of the Calimshan and the surrounding areas hide plots of slavery, dark dealings in the arena, and feuding jinn.
  • This story area will have three adventures in 2011 and will focus on heroic tier play.

Fight Against Shadow Global Admin: Pieter Sleijpen (madfox11) Writing Director: John du Bois (johndubois)
  • The tendrils of Netheril are vast and far reaching and in this story area your PC will fight against the tyranny of the Shades of Netheril.
  • This story area will have three adventures in 2011 and will focus on paragon tier play.

Streets of Waterdeep Global Admin: Sean Molley (socerref73) Writing Directors: Keith & Claire Hoffman (keith32)
  • The City of Splendors that we all know and love will take a new turn.
  • This story area will offer three adventures in 2011 focusing on paragon tier play.

Steel Skies of Returned Abeir Global Admin: Greg Marks (skerrit) Writing Director: Eric Menge (galadhion)
  • Revisit the lands made famous by the first MINI-campaign in a land full of secret cults, dashing pirates and covetous dragons.
  • This story area will have three adventures in 2011 and will focus on paragon tier play.

Epic Play Global Admin: Pieter Sleijpen (madfox11) Writing Director: Dave Kay (dkay807)
  • No sneak peak information as of yet for this slate of adventures.
  • I expect these adventures will focus on epic tier play.
  • They are slated to start releasing Epic Adventures at DDXP 2011.

There was mention of "open areas" where new writing talents would be able to craft adventures, but I have seen nothing about that in some time. So far, we are looking at 20 adventures for the 2011 calendar year. That seems low to me, BUT I will wait and see how it plays out.

For those of you looking to write, comment, suggest, or otherwise make your opinion available, this list should help you determine who best to contact. This will also help us all anticipate what to expect from particular regions based on prior experience.

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